The world economy is approaching a critical juncture, with calls for reforming global economic architecture becoming more and more vocal. At the same time, against the backdrop of the lingering COVID-19 pandemic new approaches and economic policy tools are becoming prevalent. The “green agenda” in particular is likely to become a systemic feature of the economic policy tool-kit at the national, regional and corporate levels. Within the framework of this programme, such issues as the impact of the largest multinationals on the evolution of the global governance system and the development of “human capital” will be investigated, as well as competition for highly qualified specialists in the international arena, and the impact on capital flows and technologies between countries. 

The programme will also explore ways of overcoming the current barriers to development, such as rampant protectionism and lack of cooperation on key economic global challenges, including energy security.

This programme continues the Global Corporations and the World Economy Programme.

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