Ivan Timofeev
Programme Director of the Valdai Discussion Club, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council,  Associate Professor at MGIMO MFA of Russia

The West, now facing a stage of decay or even the prospect of inevitable demise, has become an essential element in today’s narrative. It is conventionally believed that the main threats for the Western world lie within itself, including its very achievements and fundamental principles such as rationality and rational impartiality. However, the rise of the non-West, armed with Western political philosophy, has recently emerged as an increasingly important factor in the decline of the West. The unity of the Western world is also being called into question. How stable are the ties that bind the United States and its allies? How durable are their institutions? How will they change amid new political threats? What will happen to Western values considering the unprecedented demographic and sociocultural changes taking place within Western societies? Finally, the primary question today is that of the place and role for the West in Russia’s future and identity.

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