Ivan Timofeev
Programme Director of the Valdai Discussion Club, Director General of the Russian International Affairs Council,  Associate Professor at MGIMO MFA of Russia

As old ties in the region are being broken and new relations emerge, the crisis of statehood has entered the stage of the de facto disintegration of states, a ‘war of all against all’, the shaping of new political and military realities, and the possible creation of new states on the ruins of the Sykes-Picot system, whose hundredth anniversary will be marked this year. The scourge of radical Islamism is spreading across the world, affecting Europe and Russia as well as many other countries which have become the subject of terrorist attacks. The objective of this thematic strand is to research the fundamental dynamics of developments in the region, the impact of the Middle East crisis on Russia and Eurasia, to identify the most probable scenarios, as well as to outline potential solutions. The factors shaping Russia’s approach to regional crises and challenges will be an important part of this programme.
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