Photo Gallery: What Can Asia and Russia Give Each Other? Third Session of the Valdai Discussion Club 12th Asian Conference

On December 7–8, the Valdai Discussion Club hosts the 12th Asian Conference, titled “Russia and Asia in a Changing World Order”. The title of the third session, which took place on December, 7, is “What Can Asia and Russia Give Each Other?” Victoria Panova, Vice-President for International Relations at the Far Eastern Federal University; Le Trung Kien, Assistant Director General, Director of the Center for Development and Security Studies, Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam; Feng Shaolei, Director of the Centre for Russian Studies; Director of the Centre for Co-development with Neighbouring Countries, East China Normal University; Taisuke Abiru, Senior Research Fellow, Sasakawa Peace Foundation, participated. The session was moderated by Yana Leksyutina, Professor, School of International Relations, Saint-Petersburg State University.