Photo Gallery: Regional Context of Russian-Pakistani Relations. Second Session of the Russia-Pakistan Expert Dialogue

On June 6, the first Russian-Pakistani expert dialogue between the Valdai Discussion Club and Pakistan House analytical centre took place, titled “Strategic relations between Russia and Pakistan”. The event was held at the Moscow site of the Club; its address is: Tsvetnoy Boulevard, 16/1. The speakers of the second session discussed regional context of Russian-Pakistani relations. Vasily Kashin, Director, Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies, National Research University Higher School of Economics; Khalid Rabbani, Lt. Genral (Rtd), Member of Advisory Board, Pakistan House; Vladimir Sotnikov, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Science; Qazi M. Khalilullah, Executive Director, Center for International the Strategic Studies Sindh; Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to the Russian Federation (2016–2019), participated. The session was moderated by Muhammad Athar Javed, Founder and Director General, Pakistan House.