Photo Gallery: Religious Polyphony and National Unity. Opening and Plenary Session of the Valdai Club Conference

On November 24, Kazan hosted the opening and the plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club conference, titled “Religious Polyphony and National Unity”.

Religion shapes the cultural basis of society, its ability to survive historical changes and respond to emerging challenges. Russia’s multi-ethnic and multi-confessional society is least susceptible to the diseases of ethnic and religious exceptionalism that affects most other countries in the world. The reason for this is the solid state framework that allows all ethnic and religious communities of Russia to freely develop their cultural and value preferences. At present, both factors, a diverse culture and a unified state, interact closely to help Russia meet the challenges of modern time with dignity and efficiency. The aim of the plenary session was to outline the most important elements of the powerful cultural and religious ground of the Russian statehood.