Valdai Club at the World Youth Festival
Sirius Federal Territory, the Park of Science and Art. 
List of speakers

On March 3–5, the Valdai Discussion Club will hold its first Youth Conference, titled “The Valdai Club: The World in 2040,” as part of the World Youth Festival. The conference will be held in the Sirius Federal Territory, at the Park of Science and Art.

The Youth Conference will be attended by Russian and foreign experts, as well as young specialists, graduate students and graduates of leading universities in the field of international relations from Brazil, China, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, and South Africa.

For the first time, the Valdai Club focuses on the participation and expertise of young international relations researchers aged below 35. These are specialists of the new generation who will represent policy-making circles and the expert community of their countries in the coming decades.

Working languages: English, Russian.

Information for the media: Dear journalists, access to the event is possible for World Youth Festival participants and journalists accredited at the Forum.

The third day of the Valdai Club Youth Conference will be open for the media — March 5.

Sessions 1–3 will be held in the Dostoevsky conference hall, Sirius Science and Art Park (11:30 — 17:00).

Open discussion — in the Atom hall, Terminal F, Sirius Science and Art Park (17:30 — 19:30).