Economic Statecraft
Russia-USA: What Are the Limits of Confrontation? An Expert Discussion
Valdai Club Conference Hall, Tsvetnoy Boulevard 16/1, Moscow, Russia
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On December 9, the Valdai Club hosted an expert discussion, titled “Russia-USA: What Are the Limits of Confrontation?” 

The acute military-political crisis in Europe has become the practical embodiment of the Russian-American confrontation. The Russian side has repeatedly noted that it is open to dialogue with the Americans; however, the United States not only ignored these statements, but also consolidated its unwillingness to engage in constructive cooperation in national policy documents. Among them is the new National Security Strategy, published in October 2022, which characterises Russia as a source of “acute threats”. Significantly, the US strategy is focused on exerting long-term and comprehensive pressure on Russia in its immediate environment – through the support of Moldova and Georgia, the “strengthening of democratic institutions” in the Western Balkans, the diplomatic resolution of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the strengthening of ties between Turkey and Western countries, as well as the development of interaction with the countries of Central Asia.