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BRICS and the Rivalry Pandemic. Online Presentation of the Valdai Club Report
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On April 23, the Valdai Discussion Club held an online presentation of its most recent report, titled “BRICS and the Rivalry Pandemic.”

In the year of Russia’s BRICS Presidency, the Valdai Club was the first to analyse the potential for cooperation within the group during and after the coronavirus pandemic.

The changing balance of power, global economic and pandemic crisis, and the beginning of a full-fledged bipolar confrontation between China and the United States render the fate of international organisations and associations rather uncertain. All of them were created in a period of relative stability and their members had hoped that in the future they would be able to advance their interests amid relatively comfortable conditions of the presumable weakening of the US leadership. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov recently said that after the end of the coronavirus pandemic, much has to be rethought in terms of activities of multilateral structures, including the BRICS group.

The authors of the report are confident that now it is important for BRICS to fill the void of governance in the world which has widely manifested during the crisis.