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11th Asian Conference of the Valdai Discussion Club ‘Russia and Asia After the Pandemic’
List of speakers

The 11th Asian Conference of the Valdai Club, titled “Russia and Asia after the Pandemic”, took place on December 9 and was open to the media.

For the first time in the history of the conference, the Club wasn’t travelling to the region to host the event due to pandemic-related restrictions. The event was held in a mixed format: some of the speakers were present at the Valdai Club conference hall in Moscow, while the rest joined the discussion via videoconference. Despite the impossibility of in-person communication, the Valdai Club has managed to ensure that partner analytical centres throughout the Asia-Pacific region were widely represented this time. In total, about 20 experts from eight countries, including Russia, were invited to the conference. These include representatives of all the traditional partners of the Valdai Club, from Vietnam, India, China, the Republic of Korea and Japan.