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Valdai Club to Discuss the Impact of Ukrainian Crisis on Central Asia
Valdai Club Conference Hall, Tsvetnoy Boulevard 16/1, Moscow, Russia
List of speakers

On December 22 at 11:00 Moscow Time (GMT+3), the Valdai Club will hold presentation of its new report, titled “Central Asia and the Ukrainian Crisis”.

As Russia’s special military operation began on February 24, the countries of Central Asia found themselves in varying political and socio-economic conditions. The military-political crisis in Europe and the economic war of the West against Russia has impact on the Central Asia Five at the general regional and individual country levels. This influence is multi-speed and multi-level and depends on the state of national political systems, the state of affairs in the economy, the degree of economic integration and interdependence with Russia, as well as the scale of Western involvement in the republics’economy.

The study of the processes taking place in the countries of the region in the context of the formation of a new world order is one of the research priorities of the Valdai Discussion Club. The authors of the Valdai Club report present a detailed analysis of the political, economic and humanitarian impact of the events related to the Ukrainian crisis on the states of Central Asia. The report analyses not only the impact of the conflict between Russia and the West on the international position of the Central Asian states, their economic development in 2022, the dynamics of trade and economic relations with Russia, but also the reaction of political elites and society to the Ukrainian crisis.

How is the dynamics of development of the Central Asian states changing amid the destruction of the former new world order? Have there been any changes in relations between the states of Central Asia and Russia since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis? How can one characterise the relations between the Central Asian republics and Western countries in the midst of an acute crisis in Europe? Participants in the report presentation will answer these and other questions.


  • Timofei Bordachev, Programme Director of the Valdai Discussion Club (head of the report’s team of authors)

  • Daria Chizhova, director of the Information and Analytical Center for the Study of Socio-Political Processes in the Post-Soviet Space, Editor-in-Chief of the portal (author of the report)

  • Evgeny Kozhokin, Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, Political Science and Foreign Regional Studies, Russian State University for the Humanities; Professor of the Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Russia, MGIMO of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia

  • Alexander Sternik, Director of the Third Department of the CIS Countries of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia


Working languages: Russian, English.

Information for the media: In order to get accredited for the event, please fill out the form on our website or call +79269307763.

A link to the live broadcast of the discussion will be posted on all online platforms of the Valdai Club: on the websiteTwitterVKontakteTelegram and Zen.