13th Annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club The Future in Progress: Shaping the World of Tomorrow
Sochi, Russia
List of speakers

Modelling of the future begins with the most important changes that can determine the state of the world and its political system, economic development, social and technological progress. The 13th Annual Meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, which will take place in the city of Sochi from 24 to 27 October, 2016, is intended to outline today the contours of tomorrow's world.

The world has entered a new phase: the stability and development of countries are under severe challenges inside and outside, the geopolitical map of the world becomes more complicated, and the global economy looks more diverse. Political contradictions in the era of globalization not only disappear, but may increase dramatically. Revolutionary advances in technology are combined with backlashes to archaic ideas and forms of existence of countries and even entire regions.

The participants at the forthcoming meeting will analyze the main areas of future management. How to mitigate the effects of the radical changes on the world political map and to cope with the democratic procedures crisis? What conclusions can be drawn from the failure of the European project? Answers to these questions will help to shape the political vision of the future for the world. The participants will also try to find a way out of the fundamental contradictions in the world economy, where new sophisticated forms of protectionism appear. Separate discussions will focus on the impact of a sharp rise of migration flows on the balance of forces and widening of technological gaps, as well as on other issues.

The main sessions of the meeting are:

•             World order: Quo vadis?

•             Democracy 2.0: How will the rule of the people change?

•             The world economy: A new globalization or a new protectionism?

•             Will technologies revolutionize the world?

•             From the Middle East to Central Eurasia: the arc of instability or the space for joint actions?

The event will end with a plenary session titled "A philosophy of international development for the new world". In addition, special sessions will take place, as well as traditional meetings of the Valdai Club experts with high-ranking Russian officials.

Information for media: to attend, please fill in the accreditation form or call +7 926 930 7763 (Public Relations Division).