Boris Martynov
Russian Federation

Head of Department of International Relations and Foreign Policy of Russia, MGIMO University 

Vice-Director of the Institute of Latin American Studies of Russian Academy of Sciences (2001–2016); Professor of the MGIMO University (1999 – present time).

Research interests: history of international relations and foreign policy of Russia, international security, international law, international relations in Latin America, international terrorism, the BRICS paradigm. 

Author of more than 150 articles, publications and monographs: West – non-West: Yesterday, Today…Tomorrow? (2015); Historic Sketches (2013); Brazil: A Giant in a Globalizing World (2009); A Russian Paraguay (2006); History of International Relations in Latin America (2008); History of International Relations (1975–1991) (2006), and others. Editor-in-Chief: Organized Crime in Latin America (2017); Trans-border Terrorism (2006); By Law, or by Force? (2004) and others.