Pascal Boniface

Founding Director, French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs (IRIS)

Professor of international relations in the “Institut d’Etudes européennes” (Institute for European Studies) in the University of Paris-8. Director of the quarterly journal “La Revue internationale et stratégique” (International and strategic review) since 1991, and the Editor of “L’Année stratégique” (Strategic Yearbook) since 1985.

He has published or edited more than sixty books dealing with International Relations, Nuclear Deterrence and Disarmament, European Security, French International Policy, Sport in the International Relations and also on the conflict in the Middle East and its impact in France. Several books have become classics, reissued on a regular basis and translated in several languages. Pascal Boniface publishes articles in international and strategic reviews, is regularly present in the national and international media, written or audiovisual, and takes part in many conferences in France and abroad.