Alexander Dynkin
Russian Federation

President, Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO), Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); Academician; Professor; Member of the Presidium of RAS 

Member of the Presidium of the Presidential Council for Science and Education, Member of the Scientific council of the Russian Federation Security Council, Member of the Russian Foreign Minister’s Scientific council.

Alexander Dynkin is one of the leading Russian specialists in the world economy and international politics. His research areas comprise the issues of economic growth, forecasting, energy, international comparisons, the patterns of innovation development, global issues, international relations and international security. The full volume of scientific researches – more than 400 quires published in Russia, Germany, USA, Japan, South Korea etc. Recent publications: World 2035: Global Forecast; Russia and the World: 2017 (IMEMO Forecast); Global System on the Brink: Pathways toward a New Normal; World Order after Ukraine Survival: Global Politics and Strategy; Here is the Playbook for Getting U.S.-Russian Cooperation Back On Track; “Global "Perestroika". Transformation of the World Order; Russia and the World: 2016 (IMEMO Forecast).