Konstantin Sonin
Russian Federation
Professor and vice president of the New Economic School.

Member of the Association for Studies in Public Economics in Russia (ASPE), Member of the Board; International Society for New Institutional Economics, AEA, Econometric Society Fortnightly col­umn in The Moscow Times and weekly column in Vedomosti (in Russian); Contributing Editor at the Russian edition of the SmartMoney magazine

Research interests: Political Economics, New Comparative Economics, Development, Auction Theory Previous positions: New Economic School and CEFIR, SUEK Assistant Professor (2001-08); Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA (2004-05); Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University, Post-doctoral Fellow (2000-01; Russian-European Center for Economic Policy, Senior Economist (1998-2000); Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS, Research Fellow (1998-2001)

Selected publications: A Dynamic Theory of Contested Property Rights (with Sergei Guriev), Journal of Public Economics, 93(1-2), 1-13, February 2009; Coalition Formation in Nondemocracies (with Daron Acemoglu and Georgy Egorov), Review of Economic Studies, 75(4), 987-1009, December 2008; A Theory of Brinkmanship, Conflicts, and Commitment (with Michael Schwarz), Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 24(1), 163-183; Are Russian Commercial Courts Biased? Evidence from a Bankruptcy Law Transplant (with Ariane Lambert-Mogiliansky and Ekaterina Zhuravskaya), Journal of Comparative Economics, symposium issue on Courts and Judges, 35-2, 253-442. June 2007; Krull Dimension of Malcev-Neumann Rings, Communications in Algebra, 26 (9), 1998, 2915-31 Award for Best Economist of the Russian Academy of Sciences, 2002, 2003