Lord Robert Skidelsky
United Kingdom
Member of the House of Lords (since 1991); Emeritus Professor of Political Economy at Warwick University; Fellow of the British Academy (since 1994).

Previous positions: Associate Professor of History at the School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University (1970–1976); Professor of history, philosophy and European studies at the Polytechnic of North London (1976–1978); Professor of international studies at the University of Warwick (since 1978); Professor of political economy, Economics Department, Warwick University (since 1990); Professorial Fellow of the Global Policy Institute at London Metropolitan University; Chairman of the Social Market Foundation (1991–2001); Honorary Fellow of Jesus College, Oxford (since 1997); Member of the Board, Wilton Park think-tank (2005–2009).

Selected publications: How Much is Enough? Money and the Good Life (co-written with his son Edward; 2012); Keynes: The Return of the Master (2010); three-volume biography of John Maynard Keynes (1983,1992, 2000); Keynes (1996); Oswald Mosley (1975).

Awards: three-volume biography of John Maynard Keynes won five prizes.