Nobuo Shimotomai

Professor, Hosei University (Japan)           

Honorary research fellow of Birmingham University (UK) (1983–1985). Professor of Seikei from 1985 and Hosei University from 1988. Visiting fellow of Harvard Research Center (1992–1994), LSE Cold War Research Center (2009), Institute of the Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2009). Chairperson of Japanese Research Association of International Relations. Member of Russian-Japanese Emeritus Club (2004–2006). Has participated in the Valdai Discussion Club meetings since 2007.

His research interests include Soviet and Russian political history, History of Cold War in Asia. Recent publications include books on Kim Il Sung and Moscow, Old Believers and Russian pivot to Asia. Coedited Russian-Japanese Parallel History. The latest book published: God and Revolution (Ivanovo-Voznesensk history from 1905 until 1956), paying special attention to Old Believers.