Soili Nysten-Haarala
Professor of Civil Law, University of Eastern Finland; Professor of Law, Lulea University of Technology, Sweden.

Previous positions: Senior Assistant of Private Law, Research Director of Russian Law, Professor of international law, commercial law, law of obligations, University of Lapland (1992-2005). Research Fellow, IIASA (International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis), Austria, Forestry Project (2000); Project Researcher, Project funded by the Finnish Academy: Legal Procedures and the Needs of Partners especially in Business Relations (2001); Visiting Professor, University of Umeе, Sweden (2002); Member of the Board, Finnish Council for Central and Eastern European Studies (1995-2009), Chair (2004-2009); Member of the Board, Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki . Research interests: International trade law, comparative law, Russian law. Research projects: Companies Coping with Multiple Regulatory Systems in Russian Resource Extracting Business, University of Eastern Finland (2011-2015), Flexibility in Contracting, Finnish Cultural Fund (2011-2013). Selected Publications: Institutions, Interest Groups and Governance of Natural Resources in Russia (together with Juha Kotilainen) (2009); Institutions Matter, in Russia Lost or Found? Patterns and Trajectories (2009), Flexibility in Contract Terms and Contracting Processes (together with Nari Lee and Jukka Lehto) (2010) Handbook on Environmental Finance and Socially Responsible Business in Russia: Legal and practical trends (2010); Creating Trust on Institutions in Russian forest localities (2012).