Shi Ze
Senior research fellow and director of the Center for international energy strategy studies at CIIS. 

He is also a standing director of the Chinese Center for Shanghai Cooperation Organization Studies, the Chinese Society for Russian, Eastern European and Central Asian Studies.

After joining the CIIS in 1983, Mr. Shi had served as deputy director of the Division for Soviet Union and East European Studies, director of the Division for Comprehensive Studies, and Vice President of CIIS successively from 1994 to 2000. From 2000 to early 2011, he served as Counselor in Chinese embassies in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Russia. Mr. Shi obtained a BA in Russian language and literature from Xi’an Foreign Languages Institute (now renamed as Xi’an International Studies University), and a MA in world history from Peking University.

Main research fields: relations among big powers; Russian andCentral Asia affairs; Caspian Sea issues; China’s western peripheral security; Energy diplomacy and security; Regional economic cooperation