Tarek Heggy
Distinguished Senior Fellow, The Gatestone Institute, New York; Visiting Professor at several foreign universities; Co-Founder of the Chair of Coptic Studies at e American University in Cairo and of “Tarek Heggy’s Scholarship in Jewish Studies” at the University of Toronto; Barrister-at-law before the Supreme Court of Egypt; Member, Egypt Writers Association.

Member of the Board and Trustee of over forty organizations and universities. He has lectured at universities and leading think tanks throughout the world, including Oxford University, University of Tokyo, University of Melbourne, Sydney University, Princeton University, Columbia University, King’s College London, Heritage Foundation, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Council on Foreign Relations and many others.

Previous positions: Assistant Professor, Law Schools, Algerian and Moroccan Universities (1971–1979); Chief Petroleum Agreements Negotiator (1979–1988), Chairman, Shell International Petroleum Companies (1988–1996), Middle East Advisor (1996–1998), Shell International; Founder and Chairman, Tana Petroleum Middle East Co. (1998); member of the advisory Board of the RAND Organization “Centre for Middle East Public Policy”; Board member of e Egyptian Society for Historic Studies; member of the board of trustees of the MSA University (Cairo, Egypt); Member of the board of the Faculty of Economics and Political Science of Cairo University; Vice President of e Arab Management Society; Chairman of Heliopolis Library.

Selected publications: DANAT (2012); The Arab Mind Bound (2011); The Arab Cocoon (2010); The Imprisonment of the Arab Mind (2009); Our Culture between Illusion and Reality (2009); Critique of the Arab Mind (1998).

Author of 30 books in Arabic, English, Italian and French and over 1000 published articles.