Timothy Colton
United States

Professor of Government and Russian Studies, Harvard University 

Past director of Harvard’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies; Co-chair of Working Group on the Future of Russian-American Relations; Has participated in the Valdai Discussion Club meetings since 2004.

Research interests: national and international politics of Russia and Eurasia. Books and articles include Transitional Citizens: Voters and What Influences Them in the New Russia (2000); Popular Choice and Managed Democracy (with Michael McFaul, 2003); The State after Communism (with Stephen Holmes, 2006); Yeltsin: A Life (2008); Leadership and the Politics of Modernization in Russia: The Challenges of Transformation (ed. by Piotr Dutkiewicz and Dmitri Trenin, 2011); Russia: What Everyone Needs to Know (2016); Everyone Loses: The Ukraine Crisis and the Ruinous Contest for Post-Soviet Eurasia (with Samuel Charap, 2017).