№33 Kissinger’s Nightmare: How an Inverted US-China-Russia May Be Game-Changer
#33_Valdai paper_Kissinger’s Nightmare How an Inverted US-China-Russia May be Game-Changer
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As Matthew Burrows writes, "A successful partnership in Eurasia – boosting its economic prospects by putting in infrastructure and stymieing extremism that threatens authoritarians in Moscow, Beijing and Central Asia – would underline the success of the non-Western model of authoritarian state-centric capitalism. Not just the region, but also Africa and Latin America – where China already has made inroads with its development largesse – are bound to take notice. "

That is why the author of the next report of the Valdai Papers series calls the current rapprochement between Moscow and Beijing a "Kissinger's nightmare." A policy of simultaneous antagonization of Russia and China, which consciously or unconsciously is carried out by the White House, is the most serious foreign policy mistake of the United States in recent years. By pushing Russians and Chinese into each other's arms Barack Obama undermines the most important geo-strategic achievement of the patriarch of American political science and diplomacy. In a situation when Russia and China do not have any objective reason for rivalry such actions may become fatal for the American long-term positions in Eurasia.