Report: Regional Stability through Harmonious Development: Russia and China in the New Global Architecture /October 2010
Regional Stability through Harmonious Development
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The report, discussed at the Russian-Chinese section of the Valdai International Discussion Club “Regional Stability Through Harmonious Development: Russia and China in the New World Architecture” on October 25-26, 2010 offers views on the future impact of Russian-Chinese cooperation on global affairs. 

The authors postulate strategic Russian-Chinese cooperation as a positive example of stable, sustainable and friendly relations in today’s world. As the global community faces growing chaos in international relations and plummeting standards of political and economic governance at all the levels, the experience and impact of the two countries can be seen as one of the major instruments of stabilization and a possible basis for a new global architecture. As the West-oriented model of the world is fading and the global balance is shifting to the Asia-Pacific region, cooperation between Russia and China becomes of the utmost importance. Common challenges and joint actions by the two countries are declared by the authors as a critical element in further harmonization of relations that are able to influence the situation in the region.