Sochi Format in Action

The Syrian National Dialogue Congress, which now represents the so-called Sochi format, came to an end. Almost all the goals set by the event organizers were fulfilled.

The Congress itself does not mean the opposition to the "Geneva format", but should stimulate its effective functioning. Judging by the activity of the UN representatives during the Congress and the current integration of the Constitutional Commission into the UN processes, the task is so far successfully implemented.

The participants of the Congress fixed a common desire to preserve the sovereignty and, most importantly, the integrity of the Syrian territory, which now makes attempts to its division extremely difficult. All these decisions of the Congress are in full accordance with the resolutions of the UN Security Council, which means that those parties that will oppose to the transfer of processes to a peaceful settlement will go against the UN Security Council resolutions.

The Congress, convened on the initiative of Russia, is very likely to become regular, which will allow to monitor the implementation and development of its decisions and to facilitate their registration at the UN platform. There is every reason to believe that the peaceful (political) processes, launched in Sochi, are irreversible.

The humanitarian component of the restoration of territories, destroyed infrastructure and its further economic development has now received the so-called "green light". It is important, that the guarantor countries (Russia, Iran and Turkey) are still determined to cooperate in this direction. Resistance from the opponents who still insist on escalating the conflict and even partitioning of the Syrian territory, will only help to consolidate and preserve this sentiment.

Of course, the process of political and economic reconstruction of Syria will not be rapid, but the outlines of such a perspective have already been defined.

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