Pussy Riot – A Riot Against Culture

Groups like Pussy Riot exist to channel their aesthetic influence and deal blows at the most vulnerable points in society where morals, faith and dreams are concentrated. Their mission is to provoke suffering, indignation and horror in society. Its “brilliant” unsanctioned performance in the Christ the Savior Cathedral has benefited society by dividing it, sowing hatred and creating tension.

Its “brilliant” unsanctioned performance in the Christ the Savior Cathedral has benefited society by dividing it, sowing hatred and creating tension, thereby nudging it closer to the brink of civil strife and nihilism. In this sense, Pussy Riot has done a great favor to our society – if a society is contaminated, it should subject itself to such trials as often as possible. We must congratulate this petty group on a great “moral” victory. Its participants have already won “fame” for their evil acts in museums.

Pussy Riot wants to abolish taboos and push limits. They want to rid people of all barriers and bring out the brute in them. This small, innocent and senseless group struck at a sensitive time – the presidential election. They reached their goal - their actions horrified the Russian Orthodox public. The girls drew the attention of law enforcement agencies, the patriarchate and the patriotic public. Their performance provoked anger and indignation.

The more impudently people exercise their freedom to be indecent, the more democratic society is. The most liberal society is the one in which all codes disappear – be they civil, criminal, or scriptural – and the law of the flesh rules absolutely. Unfortunately, this ancient law, which thumbs its nose at modern society, reins supreme in Russia.

Moreover, the action of Pussy Riot provoked a scandal that began to acquire political overtones. A petty but odious crime for which the girls should have been scolded in public has taken on tremendous political significance. Recently, Amnesty International labeled the girls from Pussy Riot as “prisoners of conscience.” This is why this kind of culture is provocative.

If the Criminal Code of Russia prohibits citizens from committing sacrilege in churches and fanning religious strife, the girls should be punished accordingly. But now the case has a political dimension and has been co-opted by international political machines. It is quite possible that the Russian establishment will be subjected to growing pressure and the girls will probably be given amnesty.

Since 1991 the state-supported culture of disintegration and abuse has prevailed in liberal Russia. The authorities are interested in the decay of morality-based culture and the degradation of society.

In the 1990s the government destroyed the great system of the past. It was not interested in development because all its might was directed at destroying Soviet civilization. Principles of economic management, culture, the military-industrial complex and education were destroyed. The destruction of Russian culture has been part and parcel of the liberal recoding of the Russian people.

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